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With our data service, master market intelligence, stay atop in trends, zero in on best performers, spy on Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart competitors, and seize the victory from the start.
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Our Edges, Your Opportunity


Billions of statistics gathered from the most-used e-commerce platforms and a wide variety of site sources around the globe to help accomplish your ambition.


Slew of in-depth data summaries for individual store and product in diverse, personalized formats provides an insightful, game-changing view.


Day-by-day updates of key indices facilitated by our latest technology. Outshine your competitors by equipping yourself with more accurate info.


How it works

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Market Insights

Using our database and search functions, obtain a clear picture of the trend from various dimensions through our core market metrics.

Database & Ranking

Search by Criteria

Macro Data Overview

Advanced Analytics

Take a deep dive to gain a profound grasp of the market aided by graphs, tabulations, comparisons, and trendlines.

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Detailed Brief

Diagrams & Charts

Trendline Analysis

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Real-time Tracking

Enabled by our proprietary algorithms, you can closely monitor the changes in your selected variables overtime, with just a few simple steps.

Constant Flow of Data

Easy-to-use Tools

Organized Interface

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